Artists And Card Payment Solutions: Three Ways To Take Payments No Matter Where You Are

The thing with being an artist these days is that it is hard to sell work. When you do have an interested buyer, the buyer is not about to pay with cash. That complicates things quite a bit because you do not like the idea of dealing in checks, and you may not be set up to take card payments. You could lose a lot of sales that way, especially if you and your art begin traveling around the country to different galleries and shows. Here are some card payment solutions to help you make those sales and still collect on the money you make without worrying about where you are. 


Electronic payments, or "e-payments," allow you to collect money through different apps. Some of the most popular e-payment accounts you probably already use for making online purchases or transferring money to your bank account. There are lots of other e-payment apps, however, and many of them belong to some of the biggest chain banks in the country. It is a good idea to set up accounts with these banks so that you can receive payments from art buyers that want to use these apps linked to their checking accounts to pay for the art they buy. 

Card Readers

Card readers plugged into your phone's headphone jack only work with phones that still have a headphone jack. They will also work with tablets that have a headphone jack. You can slide the payment cards (both credit and debit) through the readers, enter the amount of payment on the phone or tablet in the app that is associated with the card reader, and accept final payment. These readers and apps have been very useful for artists because it means that you can be literally anywhere in the world and still sell a piece of art on the spot. Additionally, recent card readers can also take chipped cards, making it really easy to accept all card payments. 

Point-of-Sale Software and Apps 

If your art buyer does not have a debit or credit card on his/her person, he/she can still buy art if you have a POS software or app on your computing device. The customer just has to enter his/their billing information, including checking account number and routing number, into the software and hit enter/accept. You do not have to stand near in order to provide complete privacy for the transaction.